Chart Doesn't Refresh While Explore is Running


While My Explore is Running, the Charts don’t Refresh…?

Is it by design and can it be changed to refresh Chart along with Explore…? I’m using RequestTimedRefresh(0.1) in chart but it refresh only momentarily when the Explore pauses for fraction.

Please let me know


Did you read the docs for RequestTimedRefresh() ?

Windows is not real-time operating system and it does not guarantee any fixed execution/reaction times.

Also from Microsoft

The WM_TIMER message is a low-priority message. The GetMessage and PeekMessage functions post this message only when no other higher-priority messages are in the thread’s message queue.

so for conclusion it will work this way…ie While Explore is Running “No Gurantee” that Chart Will be Refreshed ?

Charts are refreshed automatically when NEW Data arrive. It does NOT need calling RequestTimedRefresh() at all.

RequestTimedRefresh is NOT the tool to refresh the charts “normally” but only
in SPECIAL cases. RequestTimedRefresh(0.1) MUST not be called “everywhere” but ONLY sparingly and ONLY if you have Gfx code that interacts with mouse clicks (or better use RequestMouseMoveRefresh()).

Calling RequestTimedRefresh(0.1) “everywhere” is abuse of the system.

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