Chart is not updating in GetQuotesEx

Hello, im developing my realtime plugin.
currently the initial data is working, and also if there is a new bar(i send last 2 bars as update, so new bar event will fix the previous bar also). but if there is no new bar, the chart is not updated.

here is the screenshot of my GetQuotesEx()
i use amibroker 6.00.2 64bit.

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Use FORUM SEARCH. Pretty much all answers are already there:


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hello Tomasz, thank you for your very fast reply

i already try forum search and i had read the second "Disable or programmatically flush in-memory cache". i think both of the links just tell how to use sendmessage with WM_USER_STREAMING_UPDATE so the GetQuotesEx get called. in my case GetQuotesEx() already called, even more the pQuotes array is modified, but no changes in the chart. i know this is not a bug in amibroker, since i have another plugin that is running well, but i dont have a clue why is this happening, anyone experienced this before?

Let me reiterate what was written already a couple of times.
As written in ADK docs and numerous posts you have to send proper message:

SendMessage( g_hAmiBrokerWnd, WM_USER_STREAMING_UPDATE, (WPRAM) Ticker, (LPARAM) &recentInfoStructureForGivenTicker );

You must send it the way it is shown above, with proper arguments in WPARAM and LPARAM fields. Also RecentInfo structure (which must be separate for every symbol) must be populated properly as shown in a number of examples in the ADK. Study QT sample plugin. It has all the code already there. Copy-paste. It is that easy. You need to fill nDateUpdate, nTimeUpdate, nStatus fields and all the others. Especially nStatus is of paramount importance. On new trade you must specify at minimum RI_STATUS_UPDATE | RI_STATUS_TRADE | RI_STATUS_BARSREADY You have to fill it properly as shown in sample codes. The sample is working so just copy it.

// excerpt from Plugin.cpp in QT sample code:
							ri->nDateChange = 10000 * year + 100 * month + day; 
							ri->nTimeChange = 10000 * hour + 100 * minute + second;

							if( ri->fLast != fOldLast || ri->fAsk != fOldAsk || ri->fBid != fOldBid )
								ri->nDateUpdate = ri->nDateChange;
								ri->nTimeUpdate = ri->nTimeChange;

							ri->nBitmap = RI_LAST | ( ri->fOpen ? RI_OPEN : 0 ) | ( ri->fHigh ? RI_HIGHLOW : 0 ) | RI_TRADEVOL | RI_52WEEK | 


i see, it is working now.
i crated my realtime plugin which is running fine, and it is not using RecentInfo. dont know why. thanks Tomasz.

Data plugin can't work properly without RecentInfo. Real-Time quote won't work without it, Time&Sales won't work and updates won't work. The only thing that can work without RecentInfo is backfill.

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As I understand, RecentInfo will be called when you add a symbol to the realtime quotes window or when you send a streaming update message. But the values sent to through RecentInfo will not be used for updating the Quotes or other way it cannot seen in the candles get updated whiles RecentInfo receives an update. We have to update the Quotes through GetQuoteEx only. Recentinfo update can be seen in the realtime quotes window and access in the AFL by GetRTData or other similar funtions. Please correct me if I am wrong.

I already wrote in this thread that in real-time plugin you must implement both GetRecentInfo and GetQuotesEx functions. They work together. GetRecentInfo is needed to receive RT steaming update (last bid/ask/trade) and GetQuotesEx is needed to receive all bars.