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I am on page 128 of Bandy's Quantitative Trading Systems book. Here he is beginning to outline a Trend Following formula. The illustration he is using is LPX with data from 1994 through "current" (based on publication of book). When I open a chart for LPX my chart only displays this past years history. How do I get the chart to show the data going back to 1994? How do I indicate the daily OHLC bars in AmiBroker?

I search for Chart preferences but can not seem to find instructions regarding how to make these adjustments in the display.

@Floridafan no need to change any preference. The only requirement is to access the data going back to 1994 (at least for that particular ticker) and store them in your database.

If you populate your database using AmiQuote, you can try to download the historical data from some free source (if available). Otherwise, you should directly ask your data provider (usually such historical data is sold as an extra single time fee).

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Try File -> Database Settings and change the "number of bars" there.

I have PremiumData and everything is updated. Yet, no symbols show history before February of this year. When I look in database settings it indicates that I am configured for 111 years of data. So I am not sure where to make the adjustment.

"... before February of this year..."
Backup your AB folder. Run AB and restore everything to defaults.

Check the charts, change TimeFrame to 1 year and see how far back each candle goes depending on your data.

Check Quote Editor for corresponding prices.
I don't think AB in its default settings has any issue, although I checked with 10 years of historical data that I could source.


Quite simply you only have 6 months of data on your PC. This is described here:

If you want more history in Premium Data, and you want more history, you'll have to purchase it.

Alternatively, consider our Norgate Data service which has history bundled into the subscriptions. I suggest you take a trial of it and consider converting to it. Any remaining Premium Data subscription time can be credited to your Norgate Data subscription.