Chart set date range e.g. from 1/1/2018 till now - OLE

Hi I am confused. Where are the button to enter different timeframes in the chart,
not daily or weekly I know the buttons but for example different
like from 1/1/2018 till now or till 1/10/2018. Thanks.

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There is no native chart date range selector (similar to analysis "From-to" date selector) to pin point date.

Either use Range markers or AFL+OLE (ZoomToRange, see sample code below)

ParamDate of AB version 6.20 has got additional feature of returning datetime format.

/// code works for native EOD bars as well as daily bars created out of intraday data
/// @link
/// sample code by
Version(6.20); // minimum AB version being required
zoom_activate = ParamToggle( "Activate Zoom", "OFF|ON", 0 );
start_date = ParamDate("Start Date", "2018-01-01", 2);
end_date = ParamDate( "End Date", Now(1), 2);
zoom_trigger = ParamTrigger( "Zoom to Date Range", "CLICK HERE" );

if ( zoom_activate ) {
	SetBarsRequired( -2, -2 );
	dt = DateTime();
	Lookedup_start_dt = Lookup(dt, start_date, -2);
	Lookedup_end_dt = Lookup(dt, end_date, -1);
	start_dt = DateTimeFormat("%Y-%m-%d", Lookedup_start_dt);
	end_dt = DateTimeFormat("%Y-%m-%d", Lookedup_end_dt);	
	printf("\nStart date: %s\nEnd date: %s", start_dt, end_dt);

	if ( zoom_trigger ) {		
		AB = CreateObject( "Broker.Application" );
		AW = AB.ActiveWindow;
		AW.ZoomToRange( start_dt, end_dt );

Don't forget to turn "Activate zoom" toggle button to ON. Then select date range and hit "Click here" button



Thanks great help.:smiley::smiley::smiley: