Chart Style Types


Please find above chart from a website. I wish to know the chart style of the indicator panes. I tried stylecloud as well as stylehistogram but am still ot able to get it through. style line gives only a line.

I know it's a basic query, but maybe not able to guage it

Try styleArea instead.

@pushkan This might help you:

Using graph styles, colors, titles and parameters in Indicators

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Use Basic Charts->Gradient Price code that is shipped with AmIBroker. It shows how to get such charts:

Ct = ParamColor("Top", colorLightOrange); 
Cb = ParamColor("Bottom", colorPaleGreen );
SetGradientFill( Ct, Cb );
Plot( C, "Close", ColorBlend( Cb, colorGrey50 ) , styleGradient | styleLine, Null, Null, 0, -1 );




Seems fine using the "stylarea" code. Now I wish to have it transparent, meaning the other plots in the indicator to come to the fore. Part of code is as follows:

  1. @pushkan If you ask other users to check your code, you should put some effort to make the code usable by others - especially if it is that simple:


  1. If you had followed the link, that I gave you and read the article, you would have known, that graph variables are obsolete and you should not use them with Plot functions. I quote from my upper link:

Obsolete graph variables

This table shows obsolete reserved variables. They are still functional for backward-compatibility but new code should use Plot() functions only. What's more, when using new Plot() functions you should NOT use obsolete variables below.

  1. You have already received some help from Tomasz and other users, so before you move on, it would be nice to say "thank you".

  2. If you don't want to use GradientFill proposed by @Tomasz and want the plot to be in the background, you can use PlotOHLC and styleCloud (which gives better results than styleArea in this case) and just change the Z-order parameter. For example:


Indicator = RSI(14);
Plot(Indicator, "Indicator", colorGreen, styleLine|styleThick);
PlotOHLC(0, Indicator, 0, Indicator, "", colorAqua, styleCloud|styleNoLabel, Null, Null, 0, -1);

@Milosz & @Tomasz - Firstly apologies from my side for the breach of protocol & errors in posting the code. Being a person with a non-programming background, I do sometimes push up the errors unknowingly.

As for the code, yes what Tomasz indicated the gradient does come with a Z shift & that does resolve the problem.

Well to end, Thanks @Milosz & @Tomasz. I hope to go by the protocols :smiley: