Charting/Backtesting suggestion


I'm using AmiBroker to do many backtesting, the AFL programming and the backtesting in Amibroker is really amazing once you know how to use it (Thanks Tomasz!)

My only issue is once I try to get deeper and try to check backtesting trades to see if I can enhance my strategy , small tiny things that really take time and can be easily added to AmiBroker to make it every better

Below for example how I check every trade:

1- Run back testing
2- Change "Analysis" window to floating (not a big deal)
3- Now right click in each trade , select "show current trade arrows" (could be the default action when I click on a trade from "Analysis" window
4- Click on "Chart window" to activate it
5- Mouse Scroll to center the trade so I can see the price history before the trade
6- move to the next trade and repeat steps 3 to 5

I know it's not a big deal when you deal with few trade and want to check them, but it can save alot of time if there is a way to make step 3 to 5 the default action in Amibroker

if you know anyway to programming, please let me know, I think this will really save my time



Second thing:

instead of doing all of that: DOUBLE CLICK on result list with CTRL key pressed down.

Double click offers THREE different modes: without any modifier keys, with SHIFT key pressed and with CTRL key pressed. So you have 3-in-1 action already.