Charting (Not Auto Analysis) - Null and Align to reference symbol

I am looking forward to have in my Charts feature of "Null and Align to reference symbol"
(something a bit similar to setting of "Pad and Align to reference symbol" in AA)

A bit of background might help make the things a bit better understandable:

Various securities have various Life/Data Histories - some started a few months ago, some others many decades ago. When I view the charts; the available history NICELY spreads horizontally across the chart area - However, my perspective keeps jumping along with the length of available history. (I keep a Market Index plot also in another pane within the same chart)
I am looking forward to have a standard view (If my chart setting suggests 200 Bars & there are only 100 Bars in the Primary Security - I look forward to still have 100 Primary security Bars spread across horizontally half of chart area - with 100 blank space to the left - and Market Index plot showing full 200 Bars)

The approaches I have experimented with so far are:

  1. Use Market Index as the Base Security and reference the "Security of Interest" (Primary Security) via "SetForeign".
    It theoretically works but practically kills/complicates so many program features.

  2. Have "Null"s in datafile - theoretically seemed to be nice - Practically could not do via QuoteEditor.

Please guide; if there are some other Options/Solutions/Possibilites I should be experimenting with?

Thanks again for the Nice & Wonderful - Software & Community !!!

With Regards

Sanjiv Bansal

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