Charting problem

Dear All,

I have a chart problem where the AFL of one chart automatically linked to the chart of another database.

I have two database, say Database A & Database B. Database A is an external database using esignal as data source and Database B is a local database. When i insert an AFL into sheet 1 of the Database A, this AFL will be automatically inserted into sheet 1 of the Database B. In other words, these 2 database are linked each other but i want to make them into two independent database with own chart.

Many thanks!!

Topic exists: Workspace and Database

It is not a problem, .... but it is implementation of global and local layouts. You have global layout applied. So instead save to local layout as described in upper linked thread.


In addition to the above-cited thread, that explains very well how to address your issue, I suggest also to review the official documentation Working with chart sheets and window layouts to better understand the AmiBroker UI.