ChatGPT generated non-working code, was: Bool function in AFL

Hello Everyone,
I am trying to convert the value into True and False boolean return type. Not sure how to do that, I asked ChatGPT, and the following code was generated, but it doesn't function due to syntax error or the AFL doesn't support function bool. Please help me

// Define a boolean function that encapsulates the logic of SMF_Filter
function bool SMF_Filter_Function()
    return (Close < MA(Close, 5));

// Call the boolean function and assign its result to a variable
SMF_Filter_Bool = SMF_Filter_Function();

ChatGPT does not know how to write syntactically correct AFL code.


The mistake here is "bool" keyword that does not exist in AFL. Remove it
and it will work. AFL automatically derives data types from the data and functions so you don't need to declare types of variables and functions (at least at the moment).

// function below is syntactically correct in AFL
function SMF_Filter_Function()
    return Close < MA(Close, 5);

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