Checking multiple AA scan status together in Real Time using Amibroker AFL

Hi ,

In AA for scan status, Amibroker show yellow button on info bar.

If multiple scans are running in real Time. There is possibility that any scan can stop due to any reason.

How can I see all opened AA window scans status at one place together . So that I don't have to move on each AA tab to know it's status. Using floating screen is option, but if numbers of scan are more than 30 then how to know each running scan status.


Can any one Reply " Tomasz " For above query.

Why do you believe that "scan can stop due to any reason"?

Thanks for Reply Tomasz. Earlier it has happened. There were few Scan ran simultaneously. But one of them stopped due to some error, that was not came in notice during Afl checking and backtesting.
When those particular scan strategy trades were not coming on screen then after going to analysis window, it was seen that there was a file error msg on scan.
That's why, I want to know, is there any mechanism in Amibroker or via Afl writing to check all running scan status at one place simultaneously.

Get rid of errors. Then it will run uninterrupted.

First: who said that there is no "solution" to warn you of an error?
How about Window->Log ? It displays all runtime errors in ONE place from multiple analysis windows.

Secondly: why do you say you can not correct all "errors" ? Properly written code does NOT have errors.

Thirdly: does original poster really need to run multiple Analysis windows, or should he rather combine rules into one exploration that combines all output in one place (easier to read/view than dozens of different places)

People often get fixated on one thing and don't take step back to see the problem from different angle / perspective. Pretty often there are better solutions that one we got fixated on.

Lastly, what stops original poster from adding proper error checking and using say PlaySound() or (nomen omen)Say() to notify audibly.