Checking Multiple Symbols in one Strategy


I have a strategy for Stocks. One thing I want to do in addition to running the stock strategy is to check on which side index is as per same strategy. For example Index is in Buy as per that strategy then I want my Stock strategy to generate Buy or else Ignore Buy. So When setting conditions for Buy I am say checking MA Crossover for Buy and RSI (14) > 30 for Stock (say ABC Ltd) I want to check for Index Say Nifty and even if Index is Buy as per same condition only then Stock Symbol should generate Buy or else dont generate Buy. Same on Short side. I am using scanner in which there will be around 50 Stocks on a 15 minute time frame and on the same strategy I want to apply this additional condition for Index being on same side as per either same strategy and same time frame or Index on a different time frame May be say hourly time frame.

Is it possible to do this using a single AFL? Please suggest approach if anyone has done this or something similar in the past.

Thanks in Advance,

Yes it is possible and detailed explanation is available in the Knowledge base:

You can add any symbol by :
Name()=="FB" (For example)

Thanks, I was able to do it in my AFL and is a really helpful feature for my requirement/strategy.