Chinese antivirus "360 Total Security" is BAD

Just a heads up: do NOT use Chinese antivirus "360 Total Security".

Recently I have spent few days on correspondence with one user who demanded "fix" for AmiQuote because it did not download fundamental data on his computer.

As always, AmiQuote proved to be fine and the reason for all problems was Chinese "360 Total Security" antivirus. As soon as it got removed from the system, all downloads worked perfectly.

So avoid this Chinese product, not only because it simply breaks normal operation of Windows, but also because it has very questionable privacy

Quite frankly this is not the only antivirus that has questionable privacy. Pretty much every "free" 3rd party antivirus has issues in this area:

As always using just built-in Windows Defender is recommended. Don't believe the hype from other AV vendors, protection-wise they are not really better. Defender has 6.0/6.0 score. 3rd party AVs are just problem-generators.

If you have a file that you want to check thoroughly use which allows you to scan a file with 50+ antiviruses at once. This gives much better chances than using any one antivirus, but note that some of VirusTotal's antiviruses are "machine learning" so they are likely to generate false alerts on small files (typically a completely innocent small "Hello world" program may cause lots of false alerts from those "AI" based antiviruses as they are apparently trained on 10+MB files and "panic" with small files)


Another one to add to the "avoid" list is Bit Defender which is currently blocking some of our legacy Javascript files used in Amibroker database maintenance in conjunction with our legacy Premium Data app (and scans just fine with VirusTotal). Very annoying and time-wasting....


Thomasz, thank you for posting this and going above and beyond to help all the users.