Clarification on how Yahoo and AmiQuote were previously used with automated email alerts

Hi Tomasz,

This communication isn't a feature suggestion, it's my attempt at clarifying how I and other customers were able to use AmiBroker and Amiquote with Yahoo intraday quotes, in the past.

Your customers once used intraday quotes from Yahoo and the “Run every” feature in combination with AmiBroker’s automated email alerts to monitor the markets, based on their AFL trading systems. It made sense for this feature not to exist back when the Yahoo EOD feed was an EOD feed, but today's Yahoo feed is both a delayed intraday / EOD feed. As such, one would logically conclude that the "Run every" feature would be enabled. I actually have a job, so I can’t sit at home on my PC and press the “download” button every 15-20 minutes, as you proposed. I am not a day trader, so being alerted to significant changes based on my trading systems in quasi real-time is sufficient for my purpose. At break, lunch or in a slow period, I can take a quick glance to see if there are any email alerts and decide to act accordingly, during the trading day. If the reason the "Run every" feature is greyed out in AmiQuote is because you think that customers like me find it too painful to click a button, that would be incorrect. This feature was always available on Yahoo intraday in the past, and is enabled in Google intraday right now. I couldn't see the logic of designing an automated email alert functionality, so that customers have to sit in front of their PCs to use it, or have everyone independently write java scripts to work in Task scheduler, when the functionality already exists. This required a reasoned explanation on your part. That said, your assertion that that I and others are simply looking for a way to avoid pushing a button, rather than recognizing how we depend on the "Run every" feature to leverage automated email alerts using free Yahoo intraday quotes, was unexpected.

Based on the functionality you designed into your software, I thought the real reason we all relied on this feature was obvious. It’s not because we suffer from finger pain or desire some sort of convenience. It‘s totally accurate for me to claim that the greyed out “Run every” feature has restricted my ability to access available Yahoo data.

The whole point of “pushing” you to explain yourself was so I could figure out why you were reluctant, and suggesting alternative feeds unrelated to the actual topic. This is not called “hard pushing”, it’s called trying to understand what the other individual's real issue is, getting to the root cause, in order to come to a reasoned conclusion. Communication can be complicated at the best of times, so there's lots of room for unintended misunderstanding, particularly over email or on a forum. Now, at least, I understand exactly what you have been assuming regarding my reasons for wishing this feature was enabled.

Feel free to delete or remove this post. My singular intent has only ever been to understand your reluctance. I just couldn't understand why you decided to now make such an incredibly important feature unavailable for Yahoo intraday quotes. If you think this has all been some sort of manipulation, so be it. While I may be disappointed in your final answer, at least I now understand it.

Peace out,