Classic pivot entry signals near it's stop loss

I am using classic pivot afl in 5 mins TF.

R1 is my Long entry point and R2 is my profit booking point.likewise S1 and S2 are points for short trades.

Pivot point is the stop loss for both type of entries.

I initiate the trade only if mkt triggered either R1 or S1 but target (R2/S2) is left pending and mkt now reached it's pivot.i want to initiate the trade here.

What happens often is market triggers the Long entry point of R1 and reverses back to pivot point same day sometimes or the following day in many cases.vice versa for short trades.

When it happens on the same day,I have the afl which explores successfully.
But most of the times market reaches the pivot the following day.,I mean entry triggered yesterday but mkt reached prv day's pivot today.

This is where I want to initiate the position.
So that my stop loss would not be huge.

What I am currently doing is initiating the entry at the actually trigger point that is either R1 or S1 and then if it reversed to pivot I average one more lot.
I am not able to find the trades which triggered prv day but mkt reached prv day's pivot today.
So I need to combine both yesterday and today.
Here today's Classic pivot points are irrelevant.
Because entry happened based on prv day calculations.

I hope I managed to explain the problem clearly.

It would be great if somebody helps me to find the solution.

Gloria filamino.


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