Clearing recent file list in analysis window

Hi all, is there a way to clear the recent file list in the analysis window formula bar?

Thanks, Randy

Thanks for the quick response, but there is no key for "Recent file list".

There is:
Recent databases
Recent formulas

Under recent formulas I was able to delete the keys but they still show up in the analysis bar when I re-start Amibroker

I think that registry key is for the primary AmiBroker window's recent file list, not for the Analysis window list of formulas.

@blakerandy is there a reason you don't want to just open a new analysis window?

You wrote recent file list but not recent formulas list. Didn't you?
Recent file list is for most recently used (MRU) APX project files, Batch files, ... etc.

If you want to delete MRU Formula(s) (-> AFLs) from list then you need to write so in first post. Exact wording is important.

File menu clearly lists three groups:
Recent Databases
Recent Files
Recent Formulas


If you do not have Recent file list registry key entry then you haven't opened APX or other files yet.
But you were talking about Formulas list anyway (as it turned out now).

That being said... you should run registry editor as Admin and close AB before (ALL open AB instances, check via Windows task manager whether there is hidden open AB instance.. maybe crashed one).

Are you talking about this one?

Close analysis window.
And open new one.

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