Close AmiQuote by OLE automation

Why don’t exist AmiQuote.Quit in ole outomation?

AB = new ActiveXObject("AmiQuote.Document");

If object is CREATED by Automation (CreateObject) it is also automatically closed by automation, so Quit is not really needed at all.

BTW: use CODE TAGS, your code was incorrectly formatted and I had to add code tags.

Actually, I just noticed the same thing. I'm doing OLE thru C# and am unable to instance.Quit() | instance.Exit() || instance.Close(). However you are correct that once the instance is out of scope it does close on its own. That said if I start another instance while the first is still running, only that last instance will close.

On a side note, in addition to flagging auto import, it would be nice to be able to select the .format file to use via the AQ OLE as well -or- be able to select the downloaded files file extension so that at least AB can select the correct format one etc.