Closed out of chart now I have only Blue Screen

How do I get the default charts back after incorrectly closing the existing chart?

If you have AB still being opened and have not clicked save database yet then simply open a second instance of AB and load the same DB (e.g. if it is using local layout) of the 1st AmiBroker instance.

(Important: do not close the first AB instance before!)

So once you have opened your data base (DB) via a second AmiBroker instance you will see that your original chart/layout will be back in that second one (if the same layout was there before starting 1st AB instance). Why is that so? Because in first instance the changed state (e.g. deleted chart) is still in memory only but not saved to hard drive yet.

Now the important part:
Close the Amibroker instance where you have "deleted" (-> closed) your chart.
Then go to the remaining AB instance and click save database.

You are back to previous state which was available before deleting your chart.

A method preventing loss of closed charts/layouts is going to Tools - Preferences - Miscellaneous and unchecking Auto-save options.

Let's say you have closed a chart if auto save is unchecked. So in such case all you have to do is double clicking the active layout again or closing AB and restarting it again. Then your state before closing the chart/pane will be back again too.

But also keep in mind that if unchecking auto save options you have to manually update (-> save) your changed layout that you want to keep available on next AB start or after browsing different layouts and coming back to original one!

So every setting has its own pro and cons where you have to pay attention in order to not come back empty-handed.

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I believe that ship has sailed as I have exited the program....

Then there is not much you can do other than first trying to open File-New-Default Chart and to see if there are some (or all) of your previous (custom?) panes still available.

If it is showing different chart panes than your deleted one(s) (and if you have not saved a chart template to file - see how to in AB docs -) then you would have to re-install same panes with same AFLs as before.

But another way you could try getting a layout back... If the database layout (with the deleted chart) is saved as local layout and if the very same layout exists in another DB's internal "Layouts" folder then you could copy&paste that one over to the DB where the chart has been deleted.

Or if some global layout is the same one as a previous deleted local layout then double click global one in "Layouts" window of AB and save as local one (or vice versa if a chart was closed in global layout and a same local layout exists).

Another method preventing layout loss -> create a backup layout (e.g. in Window-Layouts) next time.

Preventing single chart loss -> saving chart as chart template.

And a method of preventing accidentally closing a chart pane... going to Tools-Preferences-Charting and checking yellow marked option


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It is easy to get it back:

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