Cloud (dropbox) issues

  1. I am seeing data charting issues (attached) - i am not sure if it is IQFEED issue as other timeframe charts are populating (Eg: Attached screen shot: ES hourly and 4 hour charts are sparsely populated compared to all the other time frames??)


  1. In the windows lay out, when i am drawing a box or writing a text in 1 window - it is being replicated in all the other windows in the same lay out (attached) - how do i prevent that with still retaining the symbol linkage?


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Can someone pls help for Q1 - i would like to check if it is a datafeed issue so i can contact data vendor IQFEED or if it has to do with DB settings in IQFEED?

For the second question, I would like to have the control to have some studies reflect in the entire lay out of charts - but i would like other studies to be in just one chart and not the entire lay out?

Thank You...Satish

  1. There is no issue here. You just have specified small number of bars in File->Database Settings. Use what user guide recommends
    100K bars is bare minimum. For intraday longer histories 500K or more

  2. You are using same chart ID that is why: You need to setup separate chart as instructed in KB

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Thank you Tomas; I checked the database settings again and i have used 500000 bars as shown below. Also, I checked with IQFEED and they confirmed that i am getting all the history thru them and that i need to change Amibroker settings

Attached are few screen shots of data and database settings - pls let me know if i am missing some settings:
Low number of bars for Monthly and quarterly data:


Database settings and low number of bars even for 4-hour chart (while enough bars are surprisingly shown for quarterly charts)


I can only guess, but it is possible that Dropbox causes your problems:


Dropbox can cause lots of issues. You should create a new database on your HDD/SDD in a location not managed by Dropbox. Read here:

Besides (as Tomasz wrote) you should rather test everything using New --> Blank Chart, not a set of Default or linked charts (especially if you don't want your drawings, studies etc. be displayed on all charts): Dropbox really the issue? I have a desktop and a laptop (that i use to analyze when i travel) and would like these to be in synch (primarily charts, layouts, watch lists) and hence use cloud.

I hope this is just a setting issue not the cloud issue. What are my options?

  • I can reset and retry - creating the database again from scratch just for these 21 Futures
  • I can move from drop box to another cloud - say onedrive
  • I can have these independently located locally in both the machines and manually synch up (not sure which folders i should copy if i only care about formulae, charts, layouts, templates, watch lists


I found the old email advising i could have a common folder on cloud and use the common version


I have a laptop which i use while i travel and desktop which i use when i dont travel.

I copy Amibroker folder between machines (C:/ProgramFiles) to ensure the programs, charts are in synch - I am thinking of using a dropbox folder - so i can move Amibroker in that location - so that i dont have to copy paste every time

Is it possible to change the location of Amibroker from ProgramFiles? If so, where do i need to change that in configuration folder?

Thank You,

Satish Udayagiri

AmiBroker Technical Support <> 7/15/17

to me


Yes you can change the location but the procedure is similar to moving to a new computer,
especially you need to run full setup and point it to run "FULL INSTALL" into NEW PLACE when you want to have AmiBroker.

Make sure to do the same on BOTH computers and choose SAME directory path on both computers
otherwise you would end up having problems

More info is available here:

Best regards,
Tomasz Janeczko

I'm not saying that Dropbox causes your problems, but there is such possibility ... If you want to confirm or rule it out, you can create another database and see if the problems persist or not. But I would start from creating a blank, test chart window, because I suppose you might be using some strange, custom AFL which might distort the expected results:


  1. Open New Blank Chart
  2. Drag and drop Price
  3. Double click on the Volume or Volume color

... and see how your data looks like in different intervals - when using this basic chart.

Dropbox and all "cloud" thingies are NOT good for databases. They are only good for single files (like Word docs). AmiBroker uses database and possibly hundreds or thousands of files that "cloud" is not capable to handle efficiently. And big no-no is trying to use dropbox for real time databases. Dropbox is way too slow for anything realtime. Plus you are legally not allowed to distribute RT data (and placing it on Dropbox is distribution).

If you want to sync, you have to do it off-line, when program is closed

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Thank you Tomasz - I am glad i asked this question. I fixed it and reinstalled locally - so now i am getting data well!
However, i am not getting entire history especially for monthly and quarterly charters (i used 500000 bars setting as shown above in the thread.)

But IQFEED is sending me all the history as shown below. What am i doing wrong? Rest of the time frame charts are fine!

You won't get the entire history using your present settings. Why? Because you will get exactly 500 000 one minute bars. In your case it covers about 19 months of trading...

You can increase the number of bars in your database or choose another Base time interval.

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I thought 500000 bars is the max limit Amibroker allows and that covers almost 4 years of 1-minute data?

Thank you for the link you shared on synching up 2 instances - but it didnt cover watchlists and chart parameters - how about synching those and how do i do that?

Not true:

You can export/import watchlists. Read here:

Usually you can find answers to similar questions reading AmiBroker's documentation or searching this forum...

BTW: Your charts still look strange. I thought this is your problem:


If you are using some strange custom AFL instead of plain volume histogram, you should have mentioned that - especially when writting about data problems and showing such screenshots ...


Thank you - your responses were super helpful especially about the register /limit increase of DB bars - now i am getting quarterly bars up to 10 years!

Sorry about not clarifying where the problem was - it was price bars, not custom histogram down which was need ed for my trading strategy.

Thanks for the watch list link and i am guessing chart parameters cant be synched unless i edit the formula and store it as an AFL and carry it forward.

Chart parameters (as the name suggests) were meant to be changed manually from the chart, but you can always replace them with hard-coded values which can be stored in some external file. It can be either a plain text file or even better an AFL file which can be automatically included or imported to your formulas on both computers using preprocessor #include command. See how it works:

I think, that storing this small, single file in some shared location (for example in a Dropbox directory), shouldn't pose any significant problems. Thanks to this - those values will be synced automatically.

You can also use chart parameters in one code, store their current values in the external file and import them to the second code on the other computer.

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