Code conversion from PineScript to Amibroker

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Can anyone please convert the below PinseScript code to Amibroker. The code is very effective in setting up intraday trades.

study("[blackcat] L3 Banker Fund Flow Trend Oscillator", overlay=false)

xrf(values, length) =>
    r_val = float(na)
    if length >= 1
        for i = 0 to length by 1
            if na(r_val) or not na(values[i])
                r_val  :=  values[i]

xsa(src,len,wei) =>
    sumf = 0.0
    ma = 0.0
    out = 0.0
    sumf  :=  nz(sumf[1]) - nz(src[len]) + src
    ma  :=  na(src[len]) ? na : sumf/len
    out  :=  na(out[1]) ? ma : (src*wei+out[1]*(len-wei))/len
//set up a simple model of banker fund flow trend	
fundtrend = ((3*xsa((close- lowest(low,27))/(highest(high,27)-lowest(low,27))*100,5,1)-2*xsa(xsa((close-lowest(low,27))/(highest(high,27)-lowest(low,27))*100,5,1),3,1)-50)*1.032+50)
//define typical price for banker fund
typ = (2*close+high+low+open)/5
//lowest low with mid term fib # 34
lol = lowest(low,34)
//highest high with mid term fib # 34
hoh = highest(high,34)
//define banker fund flow bull bear line
bullbearline = ema((typ-lol)/(hoh-lol)*100,13)
//define banker entry signal
bankerentry = crossover(fundtrend,bullbearline) and bullbearline<25

//banker fund entry with yellow candle
plotcandle(0,50,0,50,color=bankerentry ?,0):na)

//banker increase position with green candle
plotcandle(fundtrend,bullbearline,fundtrend,bullbearline,color=fundtrend>bullbearline ?,0):na)

//banker decrease position with white candle
plotcandle(fundtrend,bullbearline,fundtrend,bullbearline,color=fundtrend<(xrf(fundtrend*0.95,1)) ?,0):na)

//banker fund exit/quit with red candle
plotcandle(fundtrend,bullbearline,fundtrend,bullbearline,color=fundtrend<bullbearline ?,0):na)

//banker fund Weak rebound with blue candle
plotcandle(fundtrend,bullbearline,fundtrend,bullbearline,color=fundtrend<bullbearline and fundtrend>(xrf(fundtrend*0.95,1)) ?,0):na)

//overbought and oversold threshold lines
h1 = hline(80,, linestyle=hline.style_dotted)
h2 = hline(20, color=color.yellow, linestyle=hline.style_dotted)
h3 = hline(10,color=color.lime, linestyle=hline.style_dotted)
h4 = hline(90, color=color.fuchsia, linestyle=hline.style_dotted)

alertcondition(bankerentry, title='Alert on Yellow Candle', message='Yellow Candle!')
alertcondition(fundtrend>bullbearline, title='Alert on Green Candle', message='Green Candle!')
alertcondition(fundtrend<(xrf(fundtrend*0.95,1)), title='Alert on White Candle', message='White Candle!')
alertcondition(fundtrend<bullbearline, title='Alert on Red Candle', message='Red Candle!')
alertcondition(fundtrend<bullbearline and fundtrend>(xrf(fundtrend*0.95,1)), title='Alert on Blue Candle', message='Blue Candle!')

If converted, it will be useful to many as well as it will give an insight on how to convert PineScript into Amibroker for registered users like us.


Programming is not free. Conversion is programming. To get help you need to show your own effort. Please follow this advice: How to ask a good question


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