Codes in Custom formula showing " imported"

When I add a Custom indicator , always use "Insert Linked" from the drop down menu. My understanding , proven wrong many times, is that if done this way there should not be "imported" added when the formula is edited from the chart, using "Edit Formula" command.

However much to my dismay, my understanding is wrong, and not once, but many times "imported" is added to the custom formula as, what I assume to be a file extension, Have been trying to figure out where I am going wrong = NO SUCCESS, still suffer the same problem.

A screen capture to illustrate what I mean:

image .

Request guidance / help.
Thanks in advance.


You have loaded a saved chart template whose AFL's content is different to existing AFL's one of same file name. So after saving template you have edited that existing AFL's content.

In addition to old local template format a new one is added with .chart extension that keeps not only window sizes and formula references (paths) but also formulas themselves, so all you need to do is to save your chart into one file (Chart Template, Complete *.chart) and copy that file onto different computer and chart will be recreated with all formulas linked to it.




thanks a lot, knowing you, this is the solution, kindly allow me a few days to figure out what I am doing wrong.

Thanks for your guidance.

Your original (existing formula) is currently different to the formula saved in the chart template (complete). So AmiBroker needs a way of handling that (imported suffix).

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@trendsurfer , thanks , have understood what I have to correct.

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