Coding Help With Filter Entries Via Sectors

Im really struggling to code this entry formula
I have a trend system that when a particular stock closes above/below a 52 Week High, it enters the trade.
I want it to correlate as well with its sector

so for example

Berkshire Hathaway Closes Above Its 52 Week Highest High and Also The Financial Sector either within the last month has closed above its 52 Week Highest High.

So the entry is only valid if the stocks particular sector
has closed as well above its highest high within the last month

thank you

@moylal09: With less than 1 minute of READ time in the Forum, you obviously missed the following:

and this

If you are that new, read those items above, and then come back, post your code (using code blocks) and explain where you are having a problem.

Lots of members here willing to help, but want to see your effort first.

Don't forget the SEARCH feature (magnifying glass in top right section of screen).

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