Colors in Backtest AddCustomMetric

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Could someone tell me how to have in red color negative values, and in green color positive values in backtest AddCustomMetric function ?
Like it's done in Statistics Backtest report for "Recovery Factor", "CAR/MaxDD", "RAR/MaxDD", etc.
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I got my answer


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Glad you got your answer.

It would be helpful if you:

  1. Got Verified. Search for "Verified Badge" and follow the steps
  2. Put the solution here, so if someone else is having the same issue, this thread will actually contain the solution.

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Hello snoopy.pa30
Thanks, but

  1. I have already License Verified Badge since Thomas asked me few months or years ago and I believe this is mandatory to post on this forum
  2. I put the link in my own response where I found the solution of my question
    What I'm doing wrong ?
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Sorry, I misread your solution. My mistake. You did everything right.

Good job finding the answer in the forum.

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