Combing the signals in Two different intraday data in same market


I made the two different signals with 5 minutes of data and hourly data

In this case, is it possible to combine these two different signals for making the buy and sell signal?

In other words, is it possible two different intraday data in the same formula editor sheet??

Thank you for ur help

Please read help addressing multi time frame support

So for example

// 5 min rules
Buy = /*your rules*/;
Sell = /*your rules*/;

// hourly rules
TimeFrameSet(tmfrm = inHourly);
	Buy_rule_1H = /*your rules*/;
	Sell_rule_1H = /*your rules*/;
expandmode = expandLast;
Buy_rule_1H = TimeFrameExpand(Buy_rule_1H, tmfrm, expandmode);
Sell_rule_1H = TimeFrameExpand(Sell_rule_1H, tmfrm, expandmode);

// combined rules
Buy = Buy AND Buy_rule_1H;
Sell = Sell AND Sell_rule_1H;

Thank you so much ~~!!!!