Combining Intraday And EOD plotted Shapes

Hi All,

I recently upgraded from EOD data to E-Signal with extended history. Everything is working great however my plotted shapes from the Daily, Weekly, Monthly ETC are not appearing in my intraday time frames.

Below is an example Of the Daily Time Frame

  • Where the yellow Circles are weekly parameters plotted onto daily candles.

Now here is where the issue lies. This is my hourly time frame for the same period.

  • You can see no plotted shapes appear. Even though they should as the same code works for Daily + Time Frames

Below is my code for plotting the shapes.
plotShapes((TimeFrameExpand(cond,inQuarterly) AND TimeFrameExpand(cond1,inMonthly) and TimeFrameExpand(cond2,inweekly))*shapeCircle,colorYellow,0,C,-12);

plotShapes((TimeFrameExpand(cond,inQuarterly) AND TimeFrameExpand(cond1,inMonthly) and TimeFrameExpand(cond2,inweekly) AND TimeFrameExpand(cond3,inDaily))*shapeCircle,colorseagreen,0,C,-12);

  • Another thing to take note of is that the intraday data only goes back 180 Days and no more, Whereas the Daily goes back to when the stock was first on the market.

Any Help Would be Greatly Appreciated

Found out the issue was, It appears that instead of using the already existent daily and monthly bars it is combining the intraday intervals into larger time frames. But since the intraday data only goes back 180 days, The monthly parameters are null.

Is there a solution for it not to combine the lower time frames but instead just use the already existent eod data.

After digging though some posts after i found the specific issue.

Sorry for any inconvenience.