Combining Multiple Panes In 1 AFL

Hello all,
I currently have 3 AFL of these

  1. Shows the chart and the EMA -Main AFL
  2. Shows the CCI in 5 mins time frame - AFL2
  3. Shows the CCI in 30 mins time frame -AFL3

Looks like below

My purpose is to have just 1 AFL to display the charts

So that 75% of screen is chart, below that we have the 2 Indicators.

As a end result I will have only 1 AFL to get the same visible result

As of now if I add the CCI code in the chart the visibility is distorted as price is for example 1000 and CCI is of range 60

What could be a solution to have 1 AFL and have good visibility

Here is a similar thread with good answers , also make sure that you adjust your Timeframe function in a correct way so that they work properly with each other.


Thank you for your guidance and instant support.