Comissions Account

I have been introducing some buys in my account but I can not introduce any commission.

How can I introduce Commissions?



I am not completely clear on what you are doing, but are you tracking your activity through amibroker and
using the account manager ? if so, you would got to file>New>Account then Fund the account > select Buy and
there you can add commission.

If using the Backtester there is a setting for commissions.



@Anthony, you are almost right. If you select Buy then commissions field in transaction window is greyed out and not editable. It is just info field. So in order to add/change commissions before selecting Buy/Sell you have to go to Summary sheet at the bottom of Account. There you can set commissions type and amount.

Anyway as always the OP just had to go to user’s guide and type in “Account” for example.
Then he would have read solution himself already:

Thank you @fxshrat . My apologies.

Thanks for the reply.