Command Line Parameters

Where can I find a comprehensive guide to the parameters available when executing AmiBroker from the command line? (Have searched local Help and without sucess).

David W

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if you describe what you want/expect to do from command line , maybe a workaround is possible.


I want to execute AmiBroker to run an AmiBroker batch file and exit AmiBroker when the batch file finishes.

A colleague suggested that I could use:

  1. Batch: Added command line parameter to exit AmiBroker after running batch file (/exit)
  2. Batch: Added command line parameter to run batch files: /runbatch “full path to batch file

for this purpose.

But, I have no experience with running AmiBroker from the command line, so don't know the full syntax or what other parameters might be useful when running AmiBroker from the command line.

Seems there should be some documentation available for using AmiBroker from the command line, but I could not find any at the usual sources.


Amibroker is fully controled from "outside" usin OLE. Read this and search this forum for examples

Thanks for the reference, but I already looked there and it contains no information regarding my question about what parameters I can use when executing AmiBroker from the command line.

By experimenting, I have found that this command in a Windows bat file does pretty much what I want: "C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker\Broker.exe" /runbatch "C:\Program Files (x86)\AmiBroker\Formulas\Systems\Personal\Production\AFL Project Files\Test" /exit

So far, so good.

But, my question is: "Where is the documentation of the command line interface so that I know what other possibilities there are for command line execution?"


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@DPW, the only document I found that cites command line parameters, is the ReleaseNotes.html that is in the AmiBroker installation folder (the Help file refers to this doc if one want to see the old release notes; the history goes back to the year 2000).

Except for the recently introduced command line parameters that you already found, to be used in conjunction with the "Batch" functionality, the only other reference is an old one:

CHANGES FOR VERSION 5.15.0 (as compared to 5.14.0)
Implemented command line parameter that allows to specify the database to load at startup. /database "the path to the database here"

Maybe @Tomasz could provide us any additional info.


Thanks for the tip. It's odd that this information is so hard to find.

It would be good to hear from Tomasz on this.


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