Commentary Clickable Links

Can commentary in the Interpretation window contain a clickable hyperlink (e.g. a friendly name that when clicked, opens a web browser to the hyperlink)?

@SwingTradeMonkey I think this was asked before, Hyperlink in Interpretation window

Though not exactly what you were asking, since version 6.1 Clickable links in comments,


and in version 6.20

@portfoliobuilder Thank you!

Yes, I have already used the link feature described above to the comments in my AFL formula.

Clickable urls or links in Custom Metrics is also possible and is discussed in Backtest Commentary (remember to use Alt-left mouse-double-click to open the link.)

What I was asking for is a clickable link that can be written to the Interpretation window.

With a deeper search I found that @Tomasz previously addressed Hyperlink in Interpretation window :disappointed_relieved:

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LOL! Glad you saw that is what I had posted.

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At present clickable links in the Interpretation window are not supported (you can suggest such feature in the Feedback centre - ) but:

  1. Apart from the AFL editor, clickable links are now supported in Explorations (AB 6.26):

New Analysis: Added support for clickable links. If you put @link URL in any cell of Analysis result list it creates a clickable row. If you double click on the row while holding down ALT key it will open the link

An example TJ code from: AmiBroker 6.26.0 BETA released

Filter = Status("lastbarinrange");
AddTextColumn("@link", "double click me with ALT key"); 

// Hidden links are possible if you add the @link in the column past the last defined one 
AddRow( "ticker\tdatetime\ttest\t@link" ); 
  1. You can create a set of custom buttons in a chart window - using GuiButton() functions. Each button can open a webpage via ShellExecute()

@Milosz You and the community of so many others that actively participate and address the questions in this forum, with innovative ideas like the one above are what helps make the Amibroker platform an even more powerful toolkit! I look forward to seeing suggestions for improvements implemented in the future! THANK YOU!