Commissions in the Philippines Stock Market

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I just want to ask if how am I going to include the effect of the transaction cost of buying and selling stocks in the Philippines when doing my backtesting.

As of this day, transaction cost here in the Philippines is indicated in the attached image.


Did you check the settings menu in the Automatic Analysis window?

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Can you guide me?

I don't know where to input the transaction fees when the buying and selling fees are different.

see here

The first image,
Last section, "Commissions and rates".

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Thanks for the respond, but my problem is the total transaction cost when buying stocks are .00295 of the value purchased and .00895 of the value sold when selling stocks.

What "other" problems do you have? kindly figure all of them out so that one can help easily.

What is .00295? It'd be better if you wrote 0.00295.
You mean the Buy and Sell commissions are different per trade?

ok, let me see.

Exactly sir, buy and sell commissions are different.

0.00295 or .295% of Value of Stocks Purchased (0.00295 X Buy Price X No. of Shares Bought) = transaction cost for buying
0.000895 or .895% of Value of Stocks Sold (0.000895 X Sell Price X No. of Shares Sold) = transaction cost for selling

Hi Sir,

Any feedback on this?

Thanks in advance.

One simple solution is to use 1% commission in the settings, for both buy and sell, or even 0.595% (if that's an option; I didn't test), which if you're buying and selling "single parcels" i.e. not selling part parcels, is the difference between your two commission rates. If the system is profitable, then ... (I understand you'll be paying more commission when you sell a parcel that has moved dramatically up away from the buy price (assuming you go long), but I suspect there might be bigger costs involved (huge market corrections?) in trading than the commissions).

Currently, I use 0.6% as a commission cost for buying and selling. But still, I want to know if there are ways to correctly reflect the commissions.

Thanks for the reply sir.