Comunication between two formulas inside of one Tab

I have two formulas communicating with each other.
When pressing a other Bar on the upper formula also the lower shall switch.

This is done by setting a static variable.

// on the uper formula:
StaticVarSet("TrendForSectorsSelected",trendMatrix[Row -1 + firstLine][0]);

// and received by the lower formula by:
indId = StaticVarGet("TrendForSectorsselected");

in 50% of the cases it works, but in the other 50% it does not. Internally it does set the StativVar but the refresh of the lower formula does not happen.
Is there any possibility to force the refresh by AFL? I could not find anything.

You may use RequestTimedRefresh(1) in lower pane

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Yes. It is not the best for performance, but at least it works correctly. Big Tanks.