Confirm Preferences -> Currency has no effect in scan/exploration mode

As per the Amibroker Guide - Preferences Window and Knowledge Base - Amibroker for Forex setting the currency is to

get correct backtest results when testing securities denominated in different currency than your base portfolio currency

I've done some experimenting myself and it doesn't seem to have any effect in exploration mode. Could someone please confirm that it has no effect for scan nor exploration mode? I keep switching it when I am running explorations on stocks denominated in different currencies in a bit of an OCD way, and if it never makes any difference in exploration mode, then I can stop doing this.


It is backtest feature but not exploration or scan feature.
So it has no effect on exploration/scan.

I do not know what you want to scan or explore but you may convert prices by using Foreign function.


stock_price_usd = C;
stock_price_eur = stock_price_usd / Foreign("EURUSD", "C");
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Thank you. It's actually just because last month I found that my backtest was giving me results that were quite unexpected, and I spent a lot of time time to figure out what was going on, and I finally discovered that it was because I was backtesting on AUD denominated stocks but my currency was set to USD, as usually I test on US stocks.

So now when I run backtests on AUD denominated stocks I switch the currency to AUD, and everything is good. I've been switching it for my explorations as well, but that seems like that is just wasted time and effort. Now that you've confirmed it, I will stop switching it. That will save me time and effort since I run a lot of explorations, but only rarely backtest. Thanks for your response.

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