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Hi all,

I'm new to Amibroker and would like to try to create a database that connect to my Metastock 16. However, during the setup, amibroker require me to locate the "MASTER" file that I couldn't find in my metastock directory, would anyone please advise me how to connect amibroker to metastock as data source? thanks.

Secondly, if Metastock 16 is not compatible with Amibroker, Is that ok to connect Amibroker to esignal classic version? thanks.


Metastock/Equis changed format completely several times. See Premium Data description:

AmiBroker and pretty much all other programs reads old, original format, Computrack/Metastock with MASTER, EMASTER, XMASTER, Fxxx.DAT files.

Other formats are not compatible.

As to second question, yes AmiBroker connects to regular eSignal Desktop API client (aka. eSignal Data Manager)

Thanks Tomasz.

Let me contact Metastock to see what they can do :slight_smile:


Hi SBU888!
Quite curious regarding your contact with Metastock support?
Im atm having issues trying to establish a intraday solution for Amibroker through their Xenith platform. The support is (shockingly) friendly, but they cant seem to find a compatible file for me to place in the Path(s) to Metastock data folder(s) (When using Metastock EOD which i get through "The Downloader 10.1". The Downloader "produces" a MASTER-file who is placed and retrived from this "section". But it dosent seem to be just as easy with intraday data...)

Hi Tomasz,
please do something about having an API in amibroker to get Thomson Reuters (Refinitive Xenith) datafeed directly in Amibroker, without needing to go for Metatstock.

Thomson Reuters may be knowing about significant customer base of Amibroker, which is much more than metastock. If they are not aware, they may be made aware of it. Thomson Reuters may consider it worth to create an API for amibroker or deliver a MASTER, EMASTER, XMASTER, Fxxx.DAT files,

You don't know what API is.

AmiBroker has open API, but that is not about AmiBroker.

It is about the LACK of open API for Xenith.

Xenith is PROPRIETARY, undocumented. They don't want anyone to connect to their feed. Period.
This thread is a duplicate by the way: Reuters Eikon Data (Metastock Xenith)

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