Connecting Amibroker to Oracle database


I want to connect Amibroker to fetch data from an Oracle database directly. I fail to write the correct connection string to configure the ODBC connection for some reason that i don't know

My database is a remote database called stock with IP xx.xx.xx.xx and port 500 and i have userid and password
I did the following:
What else do i need to connect ? what is the driver string ?


There is an interesting page about ways to connect to a database:
You can look for the ODBC section in the page dedicated to Oracle (

Thank you @LeoCV, I checked that website before coming here but it didn't help.

My database is on a remote server, i don't know how to connect to it even with connection strings that connect from other platforms such as python.

Can you go through this documentation once again and read carefully.

In case of mySQL and Oracle databases you need to manually add DRIVER to connection string, like this: Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.2 ANSI Driver};

You just have to append the Driver string to your connection string separated by a semi-colon.

"... DATABASE=MyDatabase;UID=SA;PWD=abc123;Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.2 ANSI Driver};"