Connecting Excel Real-Time Stock Data to Amibroker: Is it Possible?

Hello, I have an Excel file containing real-time stock quotes. Is it possible to connect this Excel file to Amibroker and import the data into Amibroker?


fxshrat posted.

Thanks for the feedback! Let me explain in a bit more detail what I am trying to do. My goal is to import data from an Excel spreadsheet into Amibroker, analogous to a real-time data stream. Is there a way to insert the data from my Excel spreadsheet into Amibroker via such a data stream? I hope this clarifies my intention a bit more. Thank you very much for your help!

i never done it myself but I think you can use the DDE plugin for that, see

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"Thank you very much for the helpful hint! It seems like this could be the solution. I'll give it a try in the coming days and truly appreciate your assistance."