Connection bridge for Indian stock?

How to connect directly to indian stock exchange with amibroker

A full list of AmiBroker officially supported data sources is here:

As to NSE / BSE data - there are several datasources that you can use to get data for NSE/BSE. First of all - you can automatically download FREE quotations from Yahoo Finance service (with use of AmiQuote downloader)

The procedure shown in the tutorial video:
All you have to do is to add apropriate suffix to your symbols (to make Yahoo recognize that you require Indian symbols). That will be:

.NS - National Stock Exchange of India (NSE)
.BO - Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE)

So the symbols will look like:
ACE.NS - ACE Laboratories Ltd
AEGS.NS - Aegis Logis Ltd

There are also many other sources that you can use:

What about Nest Plus, GDFL, etc data sources?

These are independent 3rd party creations. We do not provide help with configuration of 3rd party data sources. You need to ask the 3rd party data vendor for help with configuration with their data source.

We only can help if data source is on our official list of supported data sources.

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I have been using globaldatafeeds for about a month now for NSE FNO RT data. They seem to be doing a good job for the price of the product.

Please help in getting BSE listed stock in Amibroker as NSE is not having all the symbols and data feeds only give NSE listed stocks records

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@swetavprasad There are 3 levels of data for Indian Exchanges. Global data feeds provide only level 1 data and only for NSE. But on a side note if you want to trade a stock on BSE which is not there on NSE, chances are that it won’t be highly liquid and EOD data would be a better option. If thats the case you can buy amiquote and download data.

But if you still want IEOD data for BSE scrips. Then you might have to try other providers like Esignal.

Help needed to configure through Amiqoute RT data of 1-15 min for NSE and BSE can it be possible ,As I want it for bridging with my brokerage account since I cant afford to have at present 3rd party software for RT. :slightly_smiling_face:

Sir how to create unique symbol master text.
Ex:- NSE symbol - ns.acc
BSE symbol - bo.acc

Unique symbol

Ex. Un.acc , ns.acc,bo.acc

We enter un.acc plot
Ns.acc. And bo.acc in one chart how to do this plz give replay.

Thank u