Consistent connectivity issues with IB

We would like to stay connected to IB all the time and my programmer and I have been working hard to resolve this issue. We have not yet found a solution thus far.

We need the trade log to be able to export the trade results so for that reason IB Gateway is not going to work and we have to use TWS instead.

Any suggestions on how to keep IB connected are greatly appreciated.

By default below sample 3rd party program keeps TWS open (via 'IbAutoClosedown = no' setting).
That program has auto login feature besides other ones.

IB recommends to not keep TWS open continuously.

  1. upper IBC program has 'IbAutoClosedown' setting which would have to be set to 'yes' in config.ini
  2. in addition IBC program has 'ClosedownAt' setting to specify close down time (TWS has it too).
  3. then IBC program would have to added to Windows task scheduler to re-start TWS at certain set time after close down.

I just needs to be consistently on during the trading day.