Consolidation detection

Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how to write a code that will detect consolidation periods on a price chart?

Depends on exactly what you are looking for. Do a forum search for VCP detection and you might find something there from @rocketPower

A good starting point is: HHV, HHVBars, LLV, LLVBars... after you figure that out it's a matter of applying your own time and depth parameters. Play a little and post your progress and I'll try to guide to be best of my ability.

Thanks Shavedlemon. Sorry for my late reply I havnt had a chance to check up on my post until now. I will try what you say and post my responce. :grin:

Thank you MCassict. I will check it out :grin:

I posted something that looks for flagging patterns. It will also catch the final contraction of a VCP or the right side and handle of a cup and handle. I run this in my screens at night to find stocks with the potential to break out the next day.

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