Contracts calculation issue

Hi all, just now when I was checking the contracts size for each of the trade, I realized that I should have made a mistake in calculating the contracts per trade. For example, in the attached photo 1, on 16/10/2002 (entry date), the contract size I believe to be displayed should be using previous balance (initial capital $1,000,000 + cum profits $ 115,677) / (current open price 9535) = 117 contracts.

However, based on the displayed contract result, 116, I believe somehow my setting used current balance to divide the current open price to get the result of 116 (I set round lot size as 1 in the analysis setting). May I ask what I should search for to tackle the issue?

Thank you.


You did not account for commissions. You've got $5 per contract commission. For 116 contracts commission would be $580. So your available funds are $580 less than you think. ($1M + $115677 - $580)/9535 = 116.94. Round lot size setting of 1 would always round DOWN, not up, so you only get 116 contracts.

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Thanks for correcting the logics. Crystal clear now.

Hi Tomasz, I forgot to ask, so it will only account for one-side $5 instead of the round trip ($10) when calculating the potential appropriate position to execute?

It accounts for $5 per contract on each transaction, so it is charged BOTH when opening and when closing position.

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