Control Y Position of Line in AFL Code

Hi. I wish to control the position of the Horizontal Line, Study Line with Designated Study ID from the AFL Code, without opening the Properties Dialogue Box, such that by changing the value in the code, the Study Line will snap to that position.


I hope I have adequately described the situation. Thank you in advance.

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been looking for that too, one of my wish list as well
since i have a lot of those lines ( hand made doing that regularly)
will be great if we have AFL enable to draw those line
then be able to save the afl for later use
and able to switch the line on/off by putting //

i don't like drawing horizontal line using Plot

horizontal line
personally, this horizontal line is gold for me, very helpful

Use GfxMoveTo / GfxLineTo

GfxSetCoordsMode( 1 ); // use bars and price as coords
GfxMoveTo( 0, price );
GfxLineTo( BarCount, price );

Or even easier use PlotGrid function

PlotGrid( price, colorYellow, 10 );

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