Controlling Sector Classification


I'm trying to understand how to control the sector/industry classifications that Amibroker uses. I have searched and not found the answer.
I am using a simple afl to return sector and industry for each symbol

Filter = 1;

AddTextColumn( SectorID(1), "Sector");
AddTextColumn( IndustryID(1), "Industry");

According to my 'broker.sectors' file, there are 11 sectors as follows:

Basic Materials
Capital Goods
Consumer Cyclical

-- which is exactly what I want to see.

But my afl is producing a completely different top-level sector set -- there are 32 unique values instead of the 11 shown above from the 'broker.sectors' file.

If the 'broker.sectors' file is not controlling the sectors, can anybody tell me what is, and how I go about changing it?

Any help appreciated.


It was described in great details here:

Understanding categories:

You might also read these threads:

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Thanks for the help Milosz. I had already read all that material. I don't see the reason why my database is not set up according to the and broker.sectors files, and I don't see how to change that. That's my question.

The material in the 'Understanding categories' article appears to be talking about the sample database that comes with Amibroker, but I need a source for properly maintained data. I am using the TC2000 plugin to populate and maintain my database. There is a description of changing the sector/industry setup and re-mapping all the symbols. I don't want to do any of that -- I have no idea which symbols belong in which sector/industry. I just want the database to conform to the Amibroker default sector/industry setup

It looks to me like the TC2000 plugin is overruling the and broker.sectors files

My question is what can I do to change that so that the database is set up and maintained according to the sector/industry structure in the and broker.sectors files.

The TC2000 data plugin automatically sets up the categories when you enter File->Database Settings, Configure button - Retrieve button.
Explained (as always) in manual

TC2000 has its own categorization that is not the same as Yahoo (the one that 'demo' database uses).

With respect, the answers are not 'as always' in the manual. I have read the link you provided already. It does not answer my question, it tells me how to set up the TC2000 plugin as I already have.

Let me restate my question for clarity.
My question is:
Can I get the TC2000 plugin to use the Amibroker default Sector/Industry categories?

In the link you provide, a screenshot shows a checkbox for 'Sector/industry assignments', but I see no information about what happens if it is not checked.

  • What happens if I do NOT check this check box'?
  • Can I set up a second database with TC2000 and not check this check box when creating the database?

I am asking about an alternative to the standard setup. I don't want to screw up my existing database with trial and error.

I answered already: TC2000 has its own categorization that is not the same as Yahoo (the one that 'demo' database uses).

Other setups are not covered by tech support. You can reorganize everything (Symbol->Organize assignments) on your own so technically you can do whatever you want, but the thing is that we don't provide instructions for doing "whatever you want". You are free to experiment on your own. You can't screw anything as you can always go to Configure dialog and click "Retrieve" button again.