Converting LeftAxisScale and/or OwnScale indicators to Screen Coordinates to test with Default Scale prices

I have found and successfully used the code to translate default scale bar (x-axis) and Price (y-axis) to screen coordinates. But I am now trying to discover if there is any way to translate to Screen Coordinates from 1) LeftAxisScale Indicators, and/or 2) OwnScale indicators, with the object in mind to be able to then test for overlaps or crossings, or above/below relationships between the different scales and the default scale by converting all three to screen coordinates.

I have also successfully programmed scale conversion functions in an attempt to be able to test programmatically for, but with limited success, because the values produced do not seem to sync up to the visual values on the screen. Still working on why that is and how to fix it.

It seems that since working .afl code already does exists for the default scale bar and price, that conversion code for these other two possibilities ought to also be possible, but I fear my math and programming skills may not be quite adequate to that task.

Can anyone offer any clues, hints, or directions to further discussions? I have found no posts with searches for keywords "Coordinates", "Screen Coordinates", or "Converting."

Thanks, and Best Regards,

Nick Molchanoff