Copy objects across Window Panes


Is there a way to copy Objects ( say a Rectangle ) from One Window Pane to another?

To avoid clutter, i use different charts on different panes. I can draw rectangle on one pane, and would like to copy it to a different pane below. Currently i dont see how it can be done.

Copy + Paste Special seems to be allowed at Entire Chart level, not individual objects across panes.


Copy / Paste works on pane level.

Thank you @Tomasz.

  1. Is there any alternate way to achieve this?

  2. IMO, Copy/Paste should be allowed across different panes. Is this planned sometime in Amibroker?


It can't work across the panes because typically panes have different indicator and different Y scale.
It would work only on panes have identical (or very close) scale, which is uncommon and such functionality would not have much use.

If you have same indicator you can copy it entirely using Paste Special:

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