Copying and pasting formula doesn't seem to work. Any remedies

Copying and pasting formula doesn’t seem to work. Any remedies

You’ll need to explain your issue with a bit more detail. What formula are you trying to copy? Where are you copying it to?

Without trying to be mean… If you don’t understand it, what good is it.

If you are just pasting in code, and there is a formatting issue, then if you understand AFL, you should be able to see/find/debug it without too much trouble.

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Check if you are not running “Webroot Secure Anywhere” as it is known to break Windows clipboard function.

As you have provided zero necessary information to draw any conclusions, I guess, that:

  1. You are using an outdated version of AmiBroker. So outdated, that you don’t want to write about it. The formula which you have pasted requires a newer version to work properly.
  2. You have pasted some random formula from the Internet and have no idea how does it work. For example you drag and dropped on a chart a code which was meant to be run as exploration.

So the remedy is: try to understand what you are doing, or spend at least a few minutes to provide some necessary information for other users to help you.