Correct error with

I have gone through the steps correctly to utilize this strategy in paper money but am experiencing the error below as shown here also

Any assistance with this is greatly appreciated.

Null pointer in GetArraySymbolCopy('buy') for symbol 'SPY 18080303P00252500-SMART-OPT' requested size 0 bytes. The symbol has no data

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This has got nothing to do with a particular AFL because this will happen to any AFL.
Why? Because if symbol has missing data not being available within set session times of File - Data base settings - Intraday settings then AB will show error pop ups during analysis run.

Again this will happen to any AFL e.g. if applying backtest.


Use this very simple backtest code

Buy = Sell = 1;
Short = Cover = 0;

And use some artificial test symbol (or any symbol of choice) having not much data and then set session times being outside of symbol's date/time.

Example symbol (below) with times in between 20:51 and 20:53 of single day.
But session times being set outside of database's times.


-> Result: Error messages being triggered during backtest (and those messages clearly say "no data" already).

Again this is code independent issue. But it is dependent on symbol's data and data base settings.

Three sample hints to resolve that issue:

  1. Either set different session times
  2. Or exclude symbol from backtest (or from analysis in general).
  3. Or try to load more data

--- END ----

It just isn't usable with in the manner intended if this error isn't resolved. Fault isn't the issue. It's a matter of making it work. So far, I have not been able to get past this error, despite changes to the trading hours as suggested.

Someone has solution of it, please?

The solution has been given by @fxshrat. The error message is crystal clear - you attempted to test on symbol that has NO DATA (it can be because it really has no data, or data were removed via filtering).

I haven't been able to utilize Amibroker effectively and am currently working on my strategies within Thinkorswim.

I would love to change that as there seems to be a real promise for Amibroker.

Would it be possible to start a slack channel for Amibroker or invite others to one created here You could have full control or replace my link with your own.

What do you think?