Correct forming of option contract

This is our example asset for which we need to create an order.
We have read the documentation but syntactically, we seem to still to be missing something.
How do we form an order correctly based on this data below?

Symbol = “GE”,
SecType = “OPT”,
Currency = “USD”,
Exchange = “Smart”,
Expiry = “20171124”,
Right = “C”

It would probably depend on the option symbol format your broker accepts. That said, first build the standard option symbol from your data, then add your order type.

You need to follow instructions given here:


Following these instructions you would end up with (that is for December 15, 2017, call, 13.5 strike)

GE    171215C00013500-SMART-OPT

There are four spaces between GE and the rest in the symbol

We got it finally and in our preliminary testing it works perfectly.

Thank you again for all the assistance on this.

I am getting very mixed success on pulling in options data from IB using the above guide. (Note, there are currently two spaces between the root and code, not four anymore.)

I can successfully pull in data for:

BABA 200710C00240000-SMART-OPT

but NOT for:

AMD 200710C00046000-SMART-OPT

I do not understand why only some stock options work and others do not. Only about 20% of the root symbols I try are working.

You need to look at post #3 ABOVE: Correct forming of option contract

there are currently two spaces between the root and code

You are mistaken. There still are FOUR spaces for two letter root symbols. Three spaces for three letter root symbols and two spaces for 4 letter root symbols
So the total length of option symbol is fixed:

GE    171215C00013500-SMART-OPT  # FOUR spaces because GE is 2 letters
BABA  200710C00240000-SMART-OPT # TWO spaces because BABA is 4 letters

It clearly shows that the number of spaces between root symbol depends on root symbol length. So for AMD you need 3 spaces.

And by the way: use CODE TAGS for symbols because CODE TAGS give you fixed font
that is useful to see actual length of strings.