Could COM Object add country and GICS property?

Refer to, please add country and GICS property in COM Object ? I would like to get these values.

var AB = new ActiveXObject("Broker.Application");

Name = AB.ActiveDocument.Name;
AB.Stocks.GetTickerList(-1)   //can return date symobl
AB.Stocks.GetTickerList(1)   //return null
AB.Stocks.GetTickerList(0)   //return null

Another question AB.Stocks.GetTickerList(-1) can return all "Date Symbol" data, but when I use AB.Stocks.GetTickerList(1) or AB.Stocks.GetTickerList(0) it return null. I want only to get symbols labels without date.


GetTickerLists(0) returns comma separated list of all symbols. GetTickerList(-1) returns comma separated list of all symbols with last update date (with \t (tab) as separator).

All other "types" are not supported.