Could not import Financial data using ASCII import

I have been trying to import some values that are strictly not financial values into one of the financial fields for tickers.

This is how the data looks. I am trying to import the values into the EPS section for the symbols.

The following is the code from the .format file I have created using the aqfn.format file:




I have also included the new format file in the import.types file

However, when I try to run the ASCII Import, the EPS values are not updated. I have successfully imported the Contract Specification details (Round Lot Size, Point Value, Tick Size & Margin Deposit) following the same procedure before, so I am unsure where I'm going wrong.

Any help in finding where I'm making a mistake would be appreciated.

hello rakeshpoluri,

i use Windows 11 23H2 and AB 6.49.1 and can confirm to you it is working correct.

  1. re-order your .format, i named my format file eps.format
  1. eps.format is located in "C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Formats\eps.format"

  2. My ASCII import file is named eod_eps.eps and looks

  1. Add eps definition in "C:\Program Files\AmiBroker\Formats\import.types"
Default ASCII (*.*)|*.*|default.format
Yahoo's CSV (*.csv)|*.csv|yahoo.format
AmiQuote Historical (*.aqh)|*.aqh|aqh.format
AmiQuote Historical (Funds) (*.aqh)|*.aqh|aqhfunds.format
AmiQuote Daily (*.aqd)|*.aqd|aqd.format
AmiQuote Historical (Google) (*.aqg)|*.aqg|aqg.format
AmiQuote Intraday (*.aqi)|*.aqi|aqi.format
AmiQuote Historical (MSN) (*.aqm)|*.aqm|aqm.format
AmiQuote Historical (eSignal) (*.aqe)|*.aqe|aqe.format
Metastock ASCII (*.txt)|*.txt|metastock.format
Omega SC ASCII (*.txt)|*.txt|omega.format
S-Files (s*.*)|s*.*|sfile.format
C-Files (c*.*)|c*.*|cfile.format
Sharenet DN (*.dn)|*.dn|sharenet.format
PRN Format with Ticker (*.prn)|*.prn|prnn.format
PRN Format without Ticker (*.prn)|*.prn|prnn2.format
Space separated Ticker,Date,OHLC (*.txt)|*.txt|ssv.format
Space separated Date,HLCV (*.txt)|*.txt|ssv2.format
Short Daily CSV (*.csv)|*.csv|daily.format
MST Format w/Ticker (*.mst)|*.mst|mst.format format (*.csv)|*.csv|stockwatch.format
TenBagger format (*.stk)|*.stk|stk.format
EPS format (*.eps)|*.eps|eps.format
  1. Open [ File ] - Import ASCII... and select eps and your import ASCII file
  2. RUN the Wizard
  3. Refresh All, check [ Symbol ] - Information...

Best regards,

Thank you, Pietro, but it seems the issue was somewhere else. A restart to the system somehow fixed it, with my original file itself.