Could not log into the Member-Only area on the website today

Anyone has problem logging into the Member-Only area of the website today? I am having difficulty logging in. It seems keep rejecting my login. Yes, I provided the correct user ID and password according to the email I got from Tomasz. Anything wrong with the website? I had succeeded once in the morning. Then the website keeps prompting me for login.

Any help would be appreciated.

Ken Liao

I just logged in OK.


Thanks for the reply. My problem still exist. Dont know what is going on. :frowning:


I have repeatedly trying to login witth the correct user name and password from support's membership details email but still no luck. Is it possible my acct is being locked? Can someone in support please help to unlocked it? Bought a new Macbook and trying to upgrade and install the new version of AmiBroker over the weekend while I have time.


First, please check your computer. You might have blocked the site using firewall and/or hosts file.

If not, you might have attempted to login in dozens of times to password protected / restricted area which is treated as hacking attempt and subject to automatic block.

If that is the case and want us to check, you need to contact support via email (not on the forum due to privacy reasons) and provide your public IP address
(to find out use so we can check if given IP is blocked or not.

Thanks Tomasz! I have just emailed the support again with all details.