Could use a symbol "Exchange" of type string, information field

Of all the information fields each symbol can store, reference and retrieve, I could never understand why there isn’t a “EXCHANGE” information field of type string? Many uses for this if AFL code can call it, filter by it, set it etc. There are even resources on the web that will only take format of Exchange:Symbol, instead of just symbol. Many other uses for example setting currency denomination if we know the exchange, assignments et al.

Just a suggestion.

Functionality exists already.

See Market (for example CME, CBOT, EUREX,…), Group(US Futures, Euro Futures,…).
Or whatever you want it to be set to.

AFL -> MarketID(), GroupID() return number or MarketID(1), GroupID(1) return name (-> string).

Adding another exchange info to Information window is just things done twice.

Currency field is there too already. Retrieved via AFL via GetFnData( “Currency” ).

And before you ask: each Group can have its own per group intraday settings, i.e. Sessions.

All there… just reading required.

Hey FX,

Yes I know all that, but I still believe in having and “Exchange” field for every symbol and separate from category assignments. Just seems a very basic and useful field needed, albeit that other work-arounds exist.

You’re wrong. It is NOT workaround. Simply put
Market == Exchange in AmiBroker

== Means is the same or synonymous

It was just a suggestion. I already have market assignments created by other plug-ins and it is often the case those market assignment names will not match exchange the names needed to be to be used elsewhere and thus whould need a separate naming conversion.

Then you should tell plugin vendor to fix their plugin. Markets are by design meant as exchange and sample database that comes installed with AmiBroker clearly uses markets like: NYSE, AMEX, Nasdaq. If plugin vendor uses that field for something else it is wrong and should be fixed by plugin vendor.