Couldnt pick the minimum value for a particular date


Like to pick the minimum value of lowcrossbar field for the date 6/4/18.
Here it is 508.

here is my code'

newday= (DateNum()!= Ref(DateNum(),-1));
firstbarOfDayCount = ValueWhen( newday, BarIndex());

js5 = NumToStr(firstbarOfDayCount);
js6= StrToNum(js5);
 lowjs= 99999;
  for( i=js6; i < barcount; i++ )

lowjs1=ValueWhen((js41< pvsdaylow ), lowcrossbar);


Please correct,

@sankarjayaram please follow the forum rules and properly post your codes using the tags (I personally find it disappointing that you seem to have joined the forum months ago and yet you don't know how to properly post code).

Second, I had a brief look at your code at it is full of mistakes and errors. Try to tidy up and recode so that it is useable.

Third, please explain in words what your low and high crossbars are supposed to be?

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Thank you for the feedback. I would have not got the output if the code is full of errors and mistakes. I will take your feedback and verify again. Would be happy if you can refer me to certain standards and procedures , so that i can be in sync.

Like to pick the first bar, where the price crosses previous days high , or previous days low.
suppose the 10th bar is crossing the previous days high, like to pick that number 10,
so that i can avoid the bars before that in my reports.

require only the first cross over, subsequent ones, we can ignore.

Thanks in advance

I will repost the codes after modification. Thanks

@sankarjayaram It's very disappointing, that even now - after @quantboy remarks, you don't obey the rules of this forum. 3 months on the forum and you still don't know how a properly formatted code looks like? In this way you show disrespect to other forum members from whom you expect help ...

I started using this forum since last 2 days!!!!!
I have been asked to post here for help!!!! Now let me learn the rules.
Forget all my requests as of now. You can delete them completely.


You have joined on December 29 2017 !

Another user offended by being asked to read and obey the forum rules in exchange for free help !!!

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Solved the issue. Now it is working fine.